13 junio, 2017 Luz Marina Schotborgh


There are many in the TOC world who had the good fortune to meet Eli, and many more who were present at his lectures, workshops, and the wondrous 2 day sessions he gave us at the TOCICO International Conferences each year. Those two days were always thought-provoking and gave those present an idea of what Eli was working on and where he was headed next.

In remembering Eli this year, the TOCICO is pleased to provide you access to Eli himself, and in his own words through a wonderful interview conducted by Clarke Ching in 2010.

During that interview when Clarke asked Eli, “Has life turned out remotely like you expected it to?”

Eli Responded,

“I will answer it, but, please, don’t take it as arrogance! When I was 20 years old, on my birthday, I committed to my goal in life, so yes, in a way, it was all planned. My goal in life at that time was – and still is – to teach the world to think. And that’s why I went to learn physics, I wanted to teach myself to think, not in order to learn physics. So in a way, yes, I’ve seen it. But, at the same time, I can tell you without any hesitation, I never believed that I would live long enough to see what I’m seeing now. It’s beyond all my expectations.”


Listen to the interview, download it, or read the transcript